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Our Story

Hello, and welcome to our website!

We are Barry and Roger, at Clair de Lune Lampshades, in Bournemouth. Our 'leading lights in handmade lampshades' business continues to be owned and run in partnership by ourselves, the original proprietors, since 1982.

Our lampshades are made either in our showroom, or by fully experienced colleagues in their own workrooms. All of our lampshades are individually hand-crafted with care, here in Dorset.

Now that you have viewed our website, but have yet to visit us, we would like to meet you in person.

Our business hours are very often 10am-2pm, Tuesday to Friday. If you live locally, and are passing the showroom, you are welcome to drop in.

However, the business hours shown above need to be kept flexible, due to other commitments, and are subject to alteration, particularly at times when we are not expecting any visitors.

We do recommend that you always contact us first, to avoid mutual disappointment.

Please email (for preference) or phone with any general enquiries, to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements, or to collect a completed order.

We look forward to seeing you!

Barry & Roger at Clair de Lune Lampshades

Our Services

Lampshades from new, or restored - Bournemouth, Dorset - 01202 301937 or 01202 429379

Classic & Fashion Styles from New

We offer an extensive range of lampshade styles, available in plain and printed fabric covers. These are hand-crafted to special order, with a selection of showroom display stock generally available for immediate purchase.

Silk dupions are available for tailored, close fitted covers, and also for pleated lampshades. Many of the wide range of Sanderson and William Morris fabrics are suitable for lampshade work. Silk chiffons are available for swirled and sunburst styles in pleated lampshades.

Many of the lampshades we produce here at Clair de Lune are made by using customers' own fabrics, subject to suitability. To enhance the finish of our lampshades, we offer a full range of linings, from standard polyester and polyamide, through crepe backed satins, to silk pongee and habotai.

Restoration of lampshades

A significant number of work projects each year involve lampshades brought into our showroom to be re-covered. This service is of particular use to those customers whose favourite style of traditional, soft-lined lampshade may not currently be in production. Alternatively, rigid lampshades which have been purchased with a lamp base, can often be re-covered.

First, we need to see the lampshade that you would like to have re-covered, to assess its strength. The wire frames on old, traditional lampshades often become weak with age, and fitting new fabric tightly to the frame may distort the shape of the lampshade.

Re-covering an existing lampshade generally costs a little more than making with a new frame. We need to carefully remove the old cover, in order to make an individual template, as it is very likely to be a different size from our own.

It is often possible simply to re-line lampshades, using the same linings as with our new lampshades. Again, we need to see your lampshade, as the method of manufacture will determine if re-lining is possible, or if a complete re-cover is required.

Visit our Showroom in Bournemouth, Dorset

125-127, Seabourne Road - Southbourne - Bournemouth - Dorset - BH5 2HG